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UHL & Associates, Inc. provides hydrogeologic and environmental technical support on a variety of projects which reflect current issues that face State, County, and Local governments, including:

  • Aquifer testing for new residential/commercial developments.
  • Aquifer testing ordinance development and implementation.
  • Performance and review of site assessments.
  • Preparation and review of environmental impact statements/assessments (EIS/EIAs).
  • Review and comment on construction plans for proposed low and high density residential and commercial developments with respect to environmental, water and storm-water issues and practices.
  • Land use evaluation and plans for wellhead protection.
  • Land carrying-capacity evaluation for lot size zoning restrictions (nitrate dilution analysis).
  • Water supply protection and sustainability in the face of growing demand and development.
  • Private well testing programs.

UHL & Associates has provided advice to townships and communities on many individual development issues, prepared environmental reports and opinions, and appeared at public meetings and closed door sessions. The firm has also supported municipalities in litigation matters, and the principals have prepared affidavits, given depositions and expert testimony in court.

Mr.Uhl has been formally retained as Hydrogeologist or Geologist by the following Townships:

  • Montville Township, NJ
  • Union Township, NJ
  • Clinton Township, NJ
  • Kingwood Township, NJ
  • East Amwell Township, NJ



Union Township, New Jersey


Milligan Farm Tract

UHL & Associates conducted a focused preliminary and Phase 2 Assessment of a 102-acre property that had been a dairy farm for over 60 years. The Township subsequently purchased this property from a developer to avoid the construction of a townhouse development. The majority of the property was to be preserved, with a parcel set aside for COAH. The firm reviewed investigations and remedial actions taken by the developer’s consultant, identified data gaps, and conducted further study of issues related to old farmsteads including historic pesticide contamination, gasoline and heating oil storage, and equipment maintenance practices. The firm investigated the quality of onsite groundwater and of a small stream that traverses the property and flows into an exceptional value wetlands area and ultimately into a Class C1 protected stream. We advised the Township’s counsel with respect to the environmental liability terms of the property transfer.



Montville Township, New Jersey


Sole Source Aquifer Water Resources Assessment; Aquifer and Wellhead Protection

Montville Township is dependent on a sole source aquifer (Towaco Valley Aquifer) for its groundwater-based water supply system. The firm conducted hydrogeologic studies to quantify the available water resources of this limited buried valley sand and gravel aquifer system. These studies included refinement of the limits of the aquifer and of its recharge area; assessment of the recharge mechanisms, components, and quantities; quantification of the amount of groundwater in storage; evaluation of aquifer safe yield during periods of normal precipitation and recharge as well as for drought periods; initiation of a groundwater and surface water monitoring program; and evaluation of the impacts of Route I-287 and other highways on water quality and recharge. Additionally, the firm performed an analysis of the 2-year, 5-year and 12-year time-of-travel tiered wellhead protection areas for the Township’s three production wells completed within this aquifer, and designated a prime aquifer area and a Critical Water Resources District encompassing the prime aquifer area and the surrounding bedrock areas that contribute water to this aquifer.

Land Use and Wellhead Protection Ordinance Provisions: UHL assisted the Township and the Township Environmental Commission in amending its Land Use Ordinance to prohibit the installation of production wells and restrict activities within the Critical Water Resources District. These restrictions include requirements for enhanced stormwater management practices for all major developments to eliminate the potential for contaminating the surface water and groundwater; defining and prohibiting new high risk land uses that are potential major sources of groundwater contamination; and other requirements for owners and operators of any new commercial and industrial uses within this district.



Hunterdon County Planning Board, New Jersey


Example Aquifer Test Ordinance

UHL was the lead participant in developing an example Aquifer Test Ordinance for local municipalities to utilize as a template for developing township-specific ordinances. The example ordinance included guidelines for conducting and interpreting aquifer tests for residential subdivisions and commercial developments. The tests determine whether sufficient water supply is available for the development and confirm that there will be no significant impact on the neighboring stakeholders.


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