Groundwater specialists

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UHL conducts environmental investigation and remediation projects including:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs).
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport analysis.
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring systems.
  • Design and installation of recovery well pumping and containment systems.
  • Coordination and implementation of Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS).
  • Technical services to municipalities for development projects.
  • Insurance oversight for implementation and cost allocation of environmental cleanups.
  • Remediation oversight.
  • Critical review of large and complex groundwater contamination projects.
  • White papers, expert reports and legal testimony.

UHL & Associates' exceptional drilling and groundwater expertise addresses the essentials of environmental projects. The controlling technical and risk-driving features are identified and the practicability and advantages of active remedial systems are compared with in-situ biological or chemical treatment and natural renovation options. The Firm often provides high-level peer review, second opinions, and expert assistance to other environmental consulting firms, to address specific groundwater issues or strengthen groundwater aspects of projects.

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