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Resource Policy Center, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, 1982
B. S. Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, 1975
Bronx High School Of Science



  • Applicable water quality parameters and standards for groundwater sources.
  • Definition of man-made and natural contamination concerns and testing programs for groundwater and soil.
  • Details of testing programs including specification of protocols and QA/QC components.
  • Review, evaluation, and user-friendly presentation of datasets of water quality results.
  • Behavior of commonly found contaminants, e.g. petroleum products, chlorinated volatile organic compounds, as separate phase and dissolved constituents in the subsurface.


Water resource projects conceptualization and reporting (domestic and international). 

Soil and groundwater contamination projects technical and financial management and reporting.

Technical reports preparation and senior technical / editorial review.


UHL & Associates, Inc. - Principal, 1991 to Present

Geraghty & Miller, Inc., Associate - Senior Scientist 1987 to 1991

Woodward-Clyde Consultants - Project Engineer, Staff Engineer, 1982 to 1987

Exxon Chemical Americas - Process Design Engineer, Contact Engineer 1975 to 1978



bulletMWH for USAID, Washington D.C. (2013-2016):

Development of a set of seven Project Checklists for Groundwater-Based Rural Water Supply Projects to provide guidance for inspiring forward thinking, avoiding common pitfalls and achieving good outcomes, on the subjects of: project conceptualization – relevant risk factors; project planning, permitting & siting of wells; contractual specifications for well installation; well completion – site inspection; well startup pumping tests for yield and water quality; final well documentation package; and well operation  maintenance – data collection and indicators of well problems.

bulletMWH for USAID, Senegal & Niger (2015-2017):  

Report of findings and recommendations of project evaluating the performance and life-cycles of 40 groundwater-based solar-powered water supply systems in each country.  The project methodology to identify reasons for difficulties such as sand pumping and well failures included water system inspections, down-hole video logging, test kits for bacteria and chemical tests for iron & manganese to understand the causes of visible screen clogging; and interviews with local water resource officials and system operators

bulletWorld Bank, Monrovia, Liberia (2011-2015):  

Report of findings and recommendations of a project inspecting and testing a sample of 200 water points (sources) supplying neighborhoods in Monrovia, which consisted of protected and unprotected hand dug wells, boreholes, sources for water trucking, and vaults or standpipes in the city water supply system.  The study found a very high incidence of unacceptable water quality with respect to microorganisms and recommended a prioritized program to fix and replace the compromised sources.

bulletMWH FOR USAID, Ethiopia (2015-2016):

Assisted with development of a methodology (ILAP calculator) as a planning tool for sustainable small-holdings (less than 1-ha) groundwater based rural water supply development, by evaluating the availability of groundwater in a watershed (basin), based on recharge, usage, and ecological needs, and comparing it to the demand posed by the land available (suitable) for potential small-scale irrigation.

bulletGovernment of Botswana (1995-2004):

Report compiler and technical editor for a two-year regional groundwater resource exploration project for water supply to Maun, in the Kalahari Desert at the distal end of the Okavango Delta.  The multi-disciplinary methodology included remote sensing, vegetation analysis, geomorphology, structural geology, surface water hydrology, surface and airborne geophysics, stable isotopes, hydro-geochemistry, groundwater and surface water modeling and hydrogeology.  Also, developed a program for management of the main well field for Maun including well operating parameters monitoring and maintenance, and water quality testing (1995-2004).


bullet NJ Law Firms:

Technical assistance on documents for a nearby public water supply and for a nearby homeowner on two cases involving groundwater contamination by perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) and connection to a large industrial facility. 

bulletNJ Law Firm and Insurance Co:

Technical assistance on documents for a case involving the origins and mechanisms of contributions to extensive high-level arsenic contamination of groundwater at an old industrial plant.

bulletPA Law Firms and Township:

Assisted in surveys, studies and documents for cases involving the impacts of a quarry on a stream basin, including stream bed destruction, lowering of the water table by 100 + feet and drying up residential water supply wells, and creating conditions leading to sinkholes on offsite properties.

bulletPA Law Firm:

Technical assistance in case involving scope of remediation of 10+ former Manufactured Gas Plants (MFPs) in cities across northern and western New York State.


bulletInsurance Companies (NJM, Aetna & Chubb) (1990s - Present):

Technical and cost review of Insured’s consultants/contractors plans and activities; oversight of investigations and remediation; source and timeframe studies and cost allocation.  Sites in NJ, NY and PA involving releases from residential heating oil USTs (UHOTs), gasoline stations, and solvent spills.

bulletNJ Townships/Counties (1990s to Present):

Various projects included an Environmental Assessment of a former farm property to support purchase of property for open space (Union Twp.); Prepared Draft Wellhead Protection Ordinance, and report contributor/editor for Hydrogeologic studies and Interstate-287 impact study to protect the limited shallow buried valley aquifer serving as water supply for the township (Montville Twp.); Setup analytical program for complete analysis of a potential large groundwater source for drinking water to assess suitability/compliance with NJ Safe Drinking Water Quality requirements (Morris Co).

bulletNatural Gas Corporation: (1990s to Present):

Numerous projects included investigations for petroleum products, PCBs and mercury, and remediation of soil at many valve sites and metering & regulating facilities along the pipeline in NJ and PA; investigation and remediation of a natural gas compressor station in NJ with multiple areas of concern (AOC), including preliminary assessment (PA), site investigation (SI), remedial investigation (RI), remedial action work plan (RAW) and report (RAP).

bulletPrivate Corporations and PRP Groups:  (1990s-2000s):

Landfill in PA with contaminated leachate on Federal NPL (RI Manager/Report writer, and RI/FS Umbrella Manager);  Shopping center with TCE contamination from dry cleaners impacting residential wells on both sides of a groundwater divide on NY State Superfund List (RI Manager/Report writer and RI/FS Umbrella Manager);  Factory fabricating capacitors (RI, Cleanup Plan and Final Report, Manager/Reports writer) remediated under PA Act 2 prior to property transfer.  Environmental assessment of a bauxite refinery in St. Croix for property transfer and re-startup (Onsite Investigator/Report writer); Phase I Assessments including a mass-mail facility in Elizabeth, NJ and a decorative mirror manufacturer in Canarsie, Brooklyn (onsite Investigator/Report writer).        

bulletRCRA and CERCLA Sites (1980s):

Technical team member for 5-year field and desktop program to investigate, remediate, and bring a large Chemical Waste Management hazardous waste facility (treatment ponds and landfill disposal cells) in Wichita, Kansas with heavy volatile organic and metals soil and groundwater contamination into compliance with the RCRA regulations.  Ÿ  Initial site inspections, technical Work Plans and pre-design plans, Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs), and Region 3 multi-firm team Health and Safety Manager, for field work at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites on the federal National Priority List (NPL) being addressed under the REM/FIT and REM II CERCLA contracts in USEPA Region 3.  Varied sites in mid-west including former metal hydroxide sludge burial pits in Michigan; oil reclamation facility in Indiana; wood tar waste site in Michigan; large wood-treating facility in Indiana; solid waste landfill in Ohio; and former drum storage site in Ohio.    



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Vincent W. Uhl and Jaclyn A. Baron.  2005. Wellhead Protection, Strategies for Drinking Water Wells.
Paper presented at the 15th Stockholm Water Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden.


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